Rocco Raimundo’s Modern Disco

Is Rocco Raimundo REALLY the bi-product of synthesized disco lines and stage-worthy orchestral compositions, as stated in his soundcloud bio? That much is up to the Italian government, who haven’t responded to my FOIA request for Rocco’s birth certificate. However, the man knows how to make an edit.

Below, listen to or download the original version of Howard Johnson’s smooth-as-Steve-Harvey’s-silk-ties minor hit ‘Keepin’ Love New’:

listen on youtube

Keepin’ Love New

Now, listen to Rocco’s creative cut-up:

In this humble blogger’s opinion (ITHBO), this is a contender for house track of the year. Not surprising it comes off the second EP from the excellent House Of Disco Records

Follow the links to buy this vinyl, or be lazy and wait for it to come out on digital like the first one has.

And “Roc” out to a recent Rocco Raimundo mix while you’re at it:

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