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UNER in Chicago

Review – Matthew Dear, UNER, George Fitzgerald 6.21.14

I didn’t feel much like going to an empty basement for Bruno Pronsatro or a potentially less-than-capacity Spybar for Perseus. The fact that both of those big names came through on a Thursday shows how spoiled we house music fans are in Chicago during the summer. I mean, shit, Bruno Pronsato is a great dj … Continue reading

Young Marco makes smokin' tracks

Young Marco

The Amsterdam synth-master is “weirding up the place” with his spacey sounds, twinkly melodies, and classic house music kicks.  I’d describe his sound as equal parts trippy and old school. Go to his website and enjoy the quirky images and melodic soundscapes.  The most important takeaway from Young Marco, however, is his simply epic remix … Continue reading



A few weeks ago, I came across a silky smooth D’Angelo re-edit that kept popping up in my soundcloud feed from VESTALUS.   I was impressed. It catches your attention instantly with that sort of lazy love song synth, and by the time the live-sounding bassline and Marvin-esqe atmospheric vocals take over, you’re hooked.   … Continue reading

Jam Master (not Jay)

6th Borough Project – McLovin (Jam Master House Rework)

Jam Master is a Dutch disco, hip-hop, house and funk aficionado with a number of interesting edits available for download:     Here he has put together a fun, faster housey re-touch of a prominent disco edit from a few years back. You may have first heard it in that unforgettable Tensnake RA Podcast. We … Continue reading



Our trusty soundcloud widget is barren at the moment, because of our most recently recorded mix. Not sure what was the song in question that tipped the copyright censors, and I don’t really care. Soundcloud is the best way to listen and share dj mixes, everyone posts their live sets and everyone posts mixes that … Continue reading



This young Frenchman has amassed quite a following in the last year. I feel like his sound plays best with deep house newbies who may have “latched” on to the genre following the exploding popularity of Disclosure. Nothing wrong with an underground sound becoming mainstream and sucking in a wider audience, by the way. Kartell … Continue reading

Lady, or Boy?

Jad & The Ladyboy

Urbandictionary defines “Ladyboy” as: Ladyboy A Male naturaly with all the attributes of a woman except for the plumbing. A true Ladyboy does not need surgery or makeup to look like a woman, nor is there a need to try and sound like a woman it is all natural for them. If you go in … Continue reading


Motif – Silicone Serende

  Motif is a production duo comprised of Josimar, a DJ, and David Walker, a producer who also goes by the name of Wokeye. Silicone Serenade sounds like everything I enjoy about contemporary, trendy deep house. It’s got a jackin’ vocal loop and some spacey, twinkly sounds over a BIG bassline. While the bassline is … Continue reading

Henry Greenwood Edits

Henry Greenwood is a gentleman of a British DJ who I was recently made aware of thanks to his tracks frequently appearing in Greg Wilson mixes.   He takes songs you’ve heard a hundred times before and adds just a hint of 4-on-the-floor house backbone. His edits tease you with anticipation, but always deliver the … Continue reading


Luxxury Edits

  Luxxury, formally called Baron Von Luxxury, is an LA-based DJ, producer and re-editor. While the Baron possess a long discography filled with an impressive list of collaborators and remix clients, as well as an outstanding music blog, in my estimation, his recent re-edits of popular classics are far and away the best work he’s … Continue reading